5th Women in Carwash Conference: An Overwhelming Success

5th  Women in Carwash Conference: An Overwhelming Success

More than 65 women, and a few good men, gathered at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 17 – 19th for the 5th  Women in Carwash conference.

The women attending hadn’t met each other before the conference, but you’d never have known that when stepping into the opening cocktail reception.  The lounge was packed to overflowing with smiling, laughing women excited to be there and who had come for a good time.  A pianist was hired to play during the cocktail reception to fill the quiet, however, with more than 65 women in one room, you might not have even known there was a piano playing.

After the cocktail reception, attendees enjoyed a sit-down dinner, followed by an engaging keynote presentation by Connie-Lee Bennett, who had everyone at hello. Her opening was engaging, fun, and provided an excellent lead-in for the rest of the conference.

Tuesday morning, the women were treated to an opening burst of Today’s Gonna Be a Good Day by the Black Eyed Peas to get everyone on their feet and energized.

The entire Women in Carwash conference included educational sessions hosted by industry leaders. These sessions included Being an Authentic Female Leader of Tomorrow, PI/Executive Alignment, Employee Evaluation, the Power of Story to Change your Business and your Life, Carwash Chemicals 101, Female Mentorship, How to write Something Anyone can Read, and Carwash Insurance Basics.

The organizers would like to thank all of the sponsors for their support and for helping make the conference great:  Vaughan Industries, Modern Wash, Huron Valley Sales, National Carwash Solutions, Washworld, Blendco, Istobal, Kleen-Rite, Air-Serv/CSC Service Works, International Dryings, Mondo, J.E. Adams, London Mat, Assured Partners, Con-Serv, Canyon Pacific Financial Services, AutoLaundry News, WashTrends, Chesapeake Quill, Professional Carwash & Detailing, and Bravery Becomes You. A very special thank you is also expressed to National Carwash Solutions and Caitlin Higgins for providing a photographer who shot professional head/shoulders photographs for each of the attendees.  

Transchem Group Contest Winner

Here are some of the testimonials that received from attendees:

Two years ago, I was working, and I received a copy of the Convenience & Carwash Canada magazine. I started looking through it and a contest from Transchem Group caught my attention. They wanted a write up on how you were involved in the carwash industry and if you won you and a guest would be sent to the Women in Carwash Conference. I took the time and wrote up my story and sent it in not thinking I had any chance of winning with so many other women in the industry. Then one day I got a request to join in for a meeting over the computer and I was given the news that my story had won. I was so excited and could not wait. Then COVID hit and for the next two Women in Carwash conferences, which were held virtually, I got to participate virtually. They were great but what I was hoping for was to meet women in the same industry as me. Finally, the time came where an in-person conference could happen again and thankfully my contest win was honoured and I was heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in January 2022. 

I can’t thank Transchem Group and Brenda enough for giving me the opportunity to go to the conference. I was able to meet new people, and learn about so many different topics like employee evaluations, chemicals, proper writing, carwash insurance, etc. I took a lot of information from the conference that I could use in my position. I was also able to meet many new women and we shared our experiences in the carwash industry. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to attend the 5th Women in Carwash Conference. 

Kelly Moroz

Gas Bar Manager, Co-op Dauphin Manitoba

Here are some of the testimonials that received from attendees:

The Women in Carwash conference was great, and so much fun! I attended the virtual event last year and just knew that the in-person event would be amazing, and it was! You all killed it!

Savannah Rollo

GO Car Wash

I loved all of the speakers! Honestly, I’m feeling inspired and a part of something BIG! I loved Sandy’s story and knowledge.

Charlotte O’Connor

Town Wash Holdings

So amazing! Thank you. Loved the diversity of topics.

Iona Kearney

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash

Thank you for a wonderful event- I am so thoroughly impressed and it was much better than I anticipated even though I knew it would be GREAT. So just Wow- thank you

Melissa Pirkey

Assured Partners

The strategic communication opportunities were great. I liked the emphasis on sitting with different people each session. 

Herb Alston

Canyon Pacific

The Women in Carwash conference was amazing! Everything was wonderful, great ladies (and a few great men) who inspired me. There are too many take-aways to choose one. Connie-Lee Bennett was so inspiring!

Corina (Cory) Gastony

Luv Car Wash

The biggest take-away from the Women in Carwash conference is that we need more women in the carwashing industry. I loved the Power of Story Part I and II. 

Wendy Meske

Suds Factory

It’s been a beautiful experience! Thank you for having us.

Megan Ireland

Ultra Clean Car Wash

I enjoyed the entire event, very educational, no disappointments.

Natalie Humphrey

Ultra Clean Car Wash

I really enjoyed the networking and I have a list of actions to take to reach out to those ladies.

Barbie DeLeeuw

Quick Quack Carwash

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