Belanger to Debut “Legend By Belanger” Product Brand at Upcoming “The Car Wash Show™” in Nashville, TN       

Belanger to Debut “Legend By Belanger” Product Brand at Upcoming “The Car Wash Show™” in Nashville, TN       

Belanger to Debut “Legend By Belanger” Product Brand at Upcoming “The Car Wash Show” in Nashville, TN       

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Northville, MI – May 4, 2022 – Belanger, a product brand of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, is proud to announce that it will be unveiling its new “Legend By Belanger” Tunnel Wash Series product brand in Booth No. 1623 at the International Carwash Association’s “The Car Wash Show®,” which is scheduled for May 9-11 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The Legend By Belanger brand pays homage to Belanger’s more than 50-year history as an innovator and creative trendsetter in the tunnel wash space.


Legend By Belanger builds on Belanger’s status as the first company to develop a soft-touch tunnel wash system and draws on its decades of engineering know-how and experience to continue to develop vehicle wash innovations that no other company can match. This drive and commitment have helped Belanger redefine the tunnel wash industry, with the company’s 150-plus U.S. patents as evidence of this commitment to innovation.


“The Legend By Belanger product brand pays tribute to the more than 50 years that Belanger has been one of the vehicle wash industry’s most trusted and revered name in tunnel wash excellence,” said Warren Day, Vice President and General Manager of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions. “Attendees at The Car Wash Show will be getting a first look at some of the new equipment innovations that we will be launching later this year and we are eager to receive some initial feedback from our long-time customers and channel partners.”


In addition to introducing Legend By Belanger, the following established Belanger technologies will be on display at The Car Wash Show:


  • SpinRite Car Wash System: SpinRite creates a wash experience that alleviates the anxieties that can be caused by high speeds and loud noises during the wash process. It does this through the use of ShineMitt wash media that rotates at one-third the speed of traditional fast-spinning wash wheels. Operationally, the ShineMitt wash media’s “fingertips” gently grab the vehicle surface and lift dirt and contaminants away from the vehicle’s surface, resulting in a tangibly cleaner vehicle after one wash and a noticeably shinier vehicle after repeated washes.
  • FreeStyler® Soft-Touch Wash System: The FreeStyler soft-touch wash system has been built from the top down to produce an alluring experience. Through its ClearBay® design, the FreeStyler attracts drivers with an open, airy and pleasant wash bay. In place of floor-mounted rollovers that can be intimidating to drivers, the FreeStyler features an overhead gantry design that opens up the wash bay for a quicker loading process. Once the vehicle is positioned in the bay, a five-brush soft-touch wash system that is outfitted with closed-cell foam wash media delivers a thorough, gentle and quiet clean with little chance for damage to occur to vehicle components like antennas, mirrors and door handles. From an ownership perspective, the FreeStyler is powered by variable-frequency drive (VFD) motors that offer soft starts for enhanced equipment life and reduced peak energy costs, leading to a more robust ROI.
  • Kondor® Touchless In-Bay Automatic Wash System: The Kondor® offers a touchless option for new and existing bays alike. The KL1 (1-Arm) offers smooth one-arm operation, while the KL2 (2-Arm) further increases navigational certainty and allows simultaneous chemical application and rinsing. Innovations include a less intrusive, compact carriage head and installation options for a variety of bay sizes. The Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms reset themselves in all four directions. Every Kondor includes essential solution delivery injectors – including two presoaks and a wax application. Other application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional waxes and bug spray.


All Belanger wash systems can be integrated with vehicle wash entry, management and control technology from fellow OPW VWS product brand Innovative Control Systems®. Since 1988, ICS has been developing equipment and systems that are designed to enable vehicle wash operators to maximize their profitability.


The Car Wash Show is the premier gathering of owners, managers and decision-makers from the vehicle wash industry. This year’s event is expected to attract more than 8,000 attendees who will be on hand to view the products offered by more than 400 exhibitors.


To learn more about the complete range of vehicle-wash equipment and systems from Belanger, please visit


About OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions was formed in January 2019 and consists of PDQ Manufacturing, Inc. and Belanger, Inc. PDQ is a preeminent provider of touch-free and friction in-bay automatic wash systems and payment terminals, while Belanger is an innovative leader in tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems. Together, they create a revolutionary single source for all vehicle-wash needs. For more information on OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, please visit


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