Ready for winter washing?

Advancing technology – chemically speaking…

Winter weather means busier washes, and when better to be sure you are “chemically sound” for your customers? Are you using the right stuff? Are you using the right strength? What can and should you be learning about chemistry to ensure you are maximizing your customers experience at your carwash and protecting your business’ bottom-line?

What types of products and technology are leading the way in carwash chemistry today?

Most chemical companies will provide products with hydrophobic properties designed to help break the surface tension of final rinse water to support the drying process.

Why is that?

For the vast majority of the chemical applications, with much of today’s advanced car wash equipment, the amount of water needed is small enough that using fresh water is the best option.

Does every wash package use this technology?

Should chemistry be adjusted if using reclaimed water?

How do operators get the information and chemical training they need?