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Carwash Chemicals

Carwash Chemicals



The carwash chemical field is a competitive business and the wide array of choice available can be a daunting task. Following is information from some of the biggest names in carwash chemical and some you might not know of. Take a minute to read through each and if you really want to get the inside scoop from each, visit their websites and educate yourself. Advancements in the chemistry of car washing changes at a rapid rate and we want to help keep you current and providing your customers with the very best wash you can offer. 


We know how to clean cars. Since its beginning in Atlanta, Georgia in 1937, Zep’s focus has been to offer customers the widest selection of top-quality industrial cleaning products with superior personal service and professional technical support. Seventy-five years later, Zep continues to do it better than anyone else. The largest carwash chemical solution provider in the industry, Zep takes an innovative approach to our products and programs all with the intent to maximize the ROI of your professional carwash by helping you make money, save money and make your life easier.

At Zep, we’re dedicated to helping you drive more revenue at your wash through targeted marketing and merchandising, trusted consumer brands like Armor All Professional, Rain-X, Black Magic and Blue Coral, as well as employee training services to keep your staff educated and driving your revenue and goals.

Our innovative technology, troubleshooting expertise, and water treatment and conservation solutions help save you money at your wash while delivering a positive experience to your customers.

We’re here to make your life easier by offering the latest chemical innovation, application and dispensing efficiency, and sustainable products. Zep has the flexibility to meet the needs of full service, express exterior, in-bay automatic, and self-serve car wash operations across the country.

Call us today to learn how we can help you!




Diamond Shine is 100 per cent dedicated to commercial vehicle washing. Innovative chemistry, superior technical support and dedicated customer service raise Diamond Shine above the competition. Industry-leading chemistry provides superior performance and effective cost-per-car, leading to more profitable car washing.

Diamond Shine’s complete series of premium chemistry specifically formulated for tunnel car wash systems is manufactured in standard (30gal), 2X (15gal) and Super Bullseye Concentrate (2.5gal) to deliver cleaner, drier, shinier vehicles no matter what delivery system you prefer from your carwash supplier.

Ryan Cook

Diamond Shine Inc.

1 (800) 843-7627 or (440) 585-1100



Wolf Distributing represents the most recognizable and trusted brands in the professional vehicle wash industry.

Backed by Zep, the largest provider of carwash products in North America, we provide more resources, and more choices to fine-tune exact requirements for your specific vehicle wash operation. Wolf Distributing offers ongoing service and timely seasonal adjustments to ensure you are always meeting your customers needs and maximizing your car wash performance.

Our Zep brands include:

Blue Coral line, of highly effective, eco-friendly, cleaning products

Rain-X, the game-changing water bead technology

Black Magic, head-turning, customer pleasing tire finishes

Armor All, reputable, high-performing protection and finishing products

Wolf Distributing brings effective carwash products to address specific needs your customers have. If you serve a niche market or need a customized product solution—we can provide it. Contact or to discuss.



Discover the NEW Chemical Management System (CMS) from Dilution Solutions, a Dosatron International, Inc. company. Designed to give you total control, the CMS is truly the future of chemical management. Control exactly how much chemical is used on every car! No more venturi tips! The smart pump dosing technology allows you to set your dilution rate exactly where you want it anywhere from 20:1 to 5000:1! The economic variable frequency drive, water booster pump provides unchanging water pressure to the CMS and your applicators. No more wild swings in your city water pressure providing you full command, so the chemical coverage over the vehicle’s surface is the same, car after car. This unwavering water pressure gives you the foam consistency you want, no more varying from wet runny foam to airy foam blowing around your carwash. Individual water pressure regulators on each application allow you to set pressure where you want it. Foam wax a little lower pressure? No problem! Drying agent a little higher? Easy! The precision, aerospace grade needle valves allow you to quickly and easily adjust flow to each applicator when chain speed is increased, without having to change dilution.



Introducing True-Vue Chemical Management System from Transchem Group.

Chemicals are the lifeblood of any carwash and cleaning cars consistently 365 days a year can be challenging. Whether you’re in need of a new chemical management system, your current system is no longer working, minimizing chemical issues or you need your usage and cost per car to be more visible, try the TRUE-VUE Chemical System. It may not be something you plan for, but similar to fresh water, your chemicals are a vital to generating sales.


Snap-and-seal lid helps prevent contamination.

Drop-and-go chemical refilling process.

Visible volume scale markings on the tanks.

Color-coding system for ease of use.

Made with high-quality, durable HDPE plastics.

Floor or wall-mount option.

Compact space-saving system.

Monitor up to 22 tanks per location

Optional: Chemical monitoring system with real-time reports.

Available sizes: 10 & 20 gal / 37.8 & 75.6 L

True-Vue Chemical System is available in two models – standard and deluxe with – parts supplied. Both systems use the 2.5-gal jugs to fill the tanks with product.

Contact: and the 1-800-263-9100



Weathershield chemicals for tough canadian winters

WeatherShield environmentally friendly carwash products from Warsaw Chemical, provide premium protection for customer vehicles, especially in demanding weather conditions. Offering maximum water break, high gloss and shine protection, the line includes the technologically advanced Formula 567 WeatherShield Tri-Color Foam Polish, Formula 580 WeatherShield Drying Agent and Formula 573 WeatherShield All Season Total Surface Protectant for surfaces including paint, glass and chrome.

Since 1941, Warsaw Chemical has provided over 200 Car Choice brand products internationally, as well as under private label. The company’s Car Choice products include products for self-service, automatic, and conveyor carwashes. Other products include pre-soaks, detergents, foam brush shampoos, clear coat conditioners and the MicroDrum ultra-concentrate packaging line. Many specialty items are available including whitewall tire cleaners, carpet and upholstery shampoo and auto fragrances. Green Line Solutions line of environmentally friendly products is also available.

Contact us or and 1-800-543-3396



JBS Industries is a leading carwash manufacturer producing high-quality chemicals since 1979. We offer a variety of sizes and concentrates for all your carwash soap needs. Our product lines include detergents, drying agents, polishes, pre-soaks, protectants, sealants, tire cleaners, tri-foams, waxes, and more. We have been recognized worldwide for our product’s superior performance. Our newest line of products is COMPASS hyper concentrates. COMPASS is a full line of hyper concentrated carwash chemcals designed to reduce operator cost, storage and handling without compromising on exceptional performance. These highly efficient products provide an impressive show of brilliant colors and captivating scents your customers will love. That’s why JBS means Just Better Soap.

Contact us at (888) 745-0720



Selecting the right chemical partner that offers the latest technology can successfully tackle local cleaning challenges. Regularly managing your chemicals is critical to creating happy customers and growing your business. We offer a high performance brand of chemistry that is specifically calibrated and programed to major brands of carwash equipment in the market today. The result is consistent cleaning quality that delivers a clean, dry and shiny car; which delights customers and keeps them coming back.


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