Using new technologies to improve wash-system performance

by: David Dougherty

Taking advantage of advancements in carwash technologies can produce many benefits, especially in the critical areas of throughput rates, revenue enhancement and operational costs.

ProTouch Car Wash Equipment

Fortunately, technological advancements in wash system design and operation can be found in both friction and touch-free washes.

What may be the best thing about the development of new technology is that it usually begets the creation of newer, even better technology. The examples are around us everywhere, from cell phones to microwave ovens, personal computers to television sets. These common appliances often don’t bear any resemblance to their predecessors, but they also clearly outdistance them in operational capability and performance.

The Best for Both Worlds

Friction Washes

Touch-Free Washes

Throughput Rate

Revenue Enhancement

Improved Operating Costs