Consumers make confection purchases on impulse

by: Angela Altass

Confectionery may have seen some changes in recent years but it is still that little treat that is often an impulse purchase.

Chocolate Offerings

Consumers are looking for different ways to consume confectionery products that will fit into a healthier lifestyle, says Jones. Nestlé has repositioned its’ king size format into a share size format with portions within bars so they can be more easily shared with another individual or to make it easier to consume a portion of the product in the moment and save the rest for another time.

Sugar and Gum

“Organic has been an important area of innovation in the last year,” he notes. “This claim has appeared on six per cent of the total launches in the category, increasing by five percentage points compared to the previous year. Millennials are driving fair trade chocolate purchases.”

“We continue to develop and look at what we can do with chocolate,” remarks Raso. “Some people put fruit, peanuts, or Rice Krispies in it, but, at the end of the day, it’s chocolate and it’s the food of the Gods. That doesn’t change.”