Down on your corner – GURU & Rabba

Down on your corner – GURU & Rabba

GURU Organizes Community Clean-Up

By Angela Altass

GURU Organic Energy recently launched a community clean-up operation in preparation for the summer season. The GURU Good Crew set itself a challenge of cleaning up different environments, such as mountains, riverbanks and skate parks, and launched an appeal to outdoor enthusiasts to help achieve this mission.

For their Clean-Up Your Trails project, the GURU Good Crew held several activities in Quebec’s mountains. On May 8, mountain bike enthusiasts took the GURU Good Crew and Mont Sutton up on an invitation to clean up and drain its trail system. On May 22 and 29, respectively, it was Empire 47 and Mont Adstock’s turn to welcome the clean-up crew to help get their playgrounds ready for the summer. With the help of over 200 participants for all three of these events, over 95 km of trails were tidied up and were ready to welcome visitors.

The GURU Good Crew will also be helping to clean up the banks of the St. Lawrence River in various parts of Quebec this summer in partnership with The Blue Organization. 

On June 5, an event was held to kick off Oceans Week with five sites being simultaneously cleaned up in a route running from Old Montreal to Lachine. Oceans Week is a national event with its second Quebec edition coordinated by the Blue Organization. 

“We’re proud of this partnership with GURU,” said Anne-Marie Asselin, co-founder and president of The Blue Organization. “It allows us to discover our local marine and maritime environment and to raise awareness of rivers and oceans. Quebec, with the St. Lawrence and numerous other rivers and lakes, has a significant impact on the health of the oceans so it’s essential that we take care of them. Let’s protect what we love.”

The GURU Good Crew is also appealing to skateboarders to help make this season go smoothly with various clean-up activities that will take place through the summer in Montreal skate parks. 

“Nature plays a big role in our lives, allowing us to re-energize so that we can become a better version of ourselves, which has become even more important over the last year,” said Carl Goyette, GURU’s president and chief executive officer. “We felt it was vital to channel the energy of the past few months by mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts to take care of our environment. Let’s clean up our favourite outdoor terrains so that we can enjoy them together all summer long and while ensuring everyone’s health and safety.” 

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Rabba Joins MPP Rudy Cuzzetto in Donation to The Compass Community Outreach Centre

As part of the Rabba Roots Community Program, MPP Rudy Cuzzetto (left) and Rima Rabba (middle) on June 28 delivered baby food products to The Compass, a local charity with the help of Trish Trapini, the market manager of The Compass (right). The donation will help feed 1,000 children in the community facing food insecurity.

Company delivers baby food products to help feed 1,000 children as part of its Rabba Roots program

Rabba Fine Foods, the Greater Toronto Area’s local neighbourhood market, delivered baby food products to The Compass, a Mississauga-based charitable organization devoted to serving the vulnerable on Monday, June 28. Part of the company’s Rabba Roots Community Program and in partnership with MPP Rudy Cuzzetto, the donation aims to feed 1,000 children in the community that are facing food insecurity. The donation will be distributed through food pantries and meal programs to serve families with children at risk of hunger.

 “Food insecurity is an extremely important issue, especially in our regions,” says Rima Rabba, spokesperson for Rabba Fine Foods. “It’s become even more pressing during the pandemic and we’re doing everything we can to support the work of local organizations like The Compass and Mississauga Food Bank.”

“Local community organizations like The Compass Food Bank have been on the front lines of our emergency response since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing support to those who need it most,” says Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP for Mississauga-Lakeshore. “Today’s generous donation of baby food products from the Rabba Roots Community Program will help ensure that The Compass can continue to support the most vulnerable in our community at this challenging time. I want to congratulate Rick Rabba and the entire Rabba Fine Foods team on their inspiring Ontario spirit.” 

In 2020, The Compass saw a 26 per cent increase in demand for services from the previous year. With the help of more than 270 volunteers, the organization received some 17,742 visits in 2020 and distributed more than 612,000 pounds of food to a total of 1,131 households.

“The generosity bestowed on The Compass to help us support the vulnerable in our community is uplifting for the entire community,” says Mike Giguere, board chair of The Compass. “There are none more vulnerable than the very young in our midst whose families and households are under financial stress. This donation of baby food by Rabba is a boon to the community. Thank you to Rabba and our MPP, Rudy Cuzzetto.” 

Rabba invites all those who are able to make a donation to their local food bank to do so. The Compass is a member of The Mississauga Food Bank. For more information or to make a donation, visit or

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