Evive Nutrition – Tree Planting

Evive Nutrition – Tree Planting

Over the last three years, Evive Nutrition has partnered with Compensation CO2 Québec to contribute to the reforestation of Quebec’s southern lands. Launched in honour of their fourth year in business, Evive’s Plant A Tree initiative is part of the brand’s goal to become a certified carbon neutral company by 2023.

Dominic Dubé and Claudia Poulin, Evive’s founders, had a goal of building a carbon neutral company from the very start. They wanted to balance out the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their operations. With the Plant A Tree initiative, Evive has been able to offset a portion by planting a tree for every box of 25 smoothies sold.

Evive is committed to minimizing its ecological and environmental footprint through carbon offsetting along with purchasing organic ingredients, reducing food waste, and using recyclable and compostable packaging.


  • Partnered with Compensation CO2 Québec since 2019
  • Planted 2 new mixed forests in Eastern Townships
  • Reforestation of 8,375 trees
  • 2022 goal: reforestation of at least 4,000 additional trees

I’d love to see if Evive’s green efforts are a fit for any Earth Day or sustainability stories you may be working on!

If you have any questions on the brand or their commitment to sustainability, or would like to arrange an interview with Dominic Dubé, co-founder of Evive, please feel free to reach out to me directly. You can also find more hi-res images here.

For information on Evive’s products, recipe ideas and subscription program, please visit their website at evivenutrition.ca.

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