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Exploring the Latest Carwash Technology Trends 

Exploring the Latest Carwash Technology Trends 

There are few places we spend more time than our cars. It may seem like you’re always either at your desk or relaxing in your favourite armchair – but chances are that, on average, you sit behind the wheel almost as long, if not longer.

So, it goes without saying, our cars should be places we enjoy being and it’s that principle that helps keep the carwash industry moving. People love their vehicles and they spend good money keeping them looking tip top, both inside and out.

With more COVID-19 restrictions being lifted with every passing week, we’re quickly getting back to a place where we’ll spend much of our lives driving.

And that means there’s an opportunity for carwash businesses to position themselves as places where drivers enjoy taking their cars.

Soapy Brushy, a Canadian creative carwash consultancy, has highlighted the latest technology trends in the carwash industry that could help operators stand out from the crowd.

1: Pay Stations

Convenience is key to the customer experience. Many people prefer to pay for gas directly at the pump, and it stands to reason that the same goes for carwashes. Smart pay stations allow carwash operators to provide a wide range of payment solutions – from corporate accounts, to contactless tap, debit, pin-pad and chip, and mobile wallets. They can be linked with real-time control to in-store tills, making the whole process as efficient as modern gas pump payment systems.

“A successful carwash must be customer-focused to capture repeat business,” said Tim Walker, carwash strategist, Soapy Brushy. “Using the latest technology is one way to separate your carwash business from the rest and to give your customers reasons to keep coming back.”

2: Point of Sale (POS) Systems

A slick point of sale (POS) system can make all the difference when it comes to customer experience. And it also makes managing your business a breeze. A fully-loaded carwash POS can provide customized pricing plans and menu options and allow you to manage your whole inventory in real-time, including monitoring levels of your liquid cleaning supplies.

“The beauty of a fully-loaded POS is the choice it gives customers and how well it can be integrated with third-party apps to really streamline your services,” said Walker. “Things like loyalty programs to reward repeat washes can be taken care of and you can access the cloud-based system from any device, anywhere. The POS system, cash drawer and printer can also be bundled together in a great package deal.”


3: Reclaim Systems

Customers are becoming more and more concerned with the environment and any wasted water can be a bad look. Increasing water costs and a squeeze from municipalities to conserve are also major considerations for any carwash operation. Water reclaim systems, like the ClearWash PR40, use a high-tech filter to efficiently removes grease, oil, and dirt from the reclaimed water – producing recycled water that can be used again. These systems are a real money saver and they give your green credentials a massive boost. 

It also controls odour and makes the whole process simple. Some other systems use chemicals, enzymes and disposable filters to help control odours. ClearWash requires very little maintenance and saves time and money on cleaning, chemicals and disposable parts.




4: Chemical Dispensing Units

Getting the correct mix of chemicals and water to use in the car washing process is important to the environment, the final results, and to your bottom line. Chemical dispensing units make getting this balance right a pain-free process. The systems ensure a consistent, accurate mixed solution every time. Complete systems include booster pumps, injectors, metering tips, manifolds, electronic controls, gauges, and regulators pre-mounted and pre-plumbed for easy installation.

“There are so many advantages to installing chemical dispensing units,” said Walker. “They don’t take up a lot of space, and they deliver excellent consistency so you don’t waste valuable product or water. They are so precise in how they work, they even automatically adjust to take into account changes in water pressure.”

When you consider the environmental benefits to using less water and chemicals, and the reliability of these units, it makes perfect sense to introduce them to your business.



5: Belts

Customers want their car to roll out of your carwash looking its very best. And they certainly want to be 100 per cent secure in the knowledge that their pride and joy won’t be damaged in any way. One of the biggest advantages of a belt conveyor system over traditional chain conveyors is the ease of loading and unloading. They can accept any vehicle size or tire width, with no damage to tires, rims or suspension components.

They also allow a faster turnaround, making your wash tunnel work harder for your bottom line. dual belt conveyors also make your wash tunnel future-proof against any problems associated with automatic braking systems. The latest systems are precisely engineered, self-cleaning, and low maintenance, making this a win-win investment.

Soapy Brushy is an independent, creative carwash consultancy with years of industry expertise and vast marketing and brand strategy experience. Tim Walker has spent 20 years in the carwash industry advising and supporting operators on every aspect of their business. Soapy Brushy is a one-stop-shop to help existing operators be their best, and launch new businesses from the very best place possible. Visit email or call +1 833-652-1365 x4. 

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