Seven Ways your underground fueling system can save you money

by: Ed Kammerer

Aside from the actual brick-and-mortar building, the largest site expense for petroleum retailers is the fueling system that will be used to store and dispense the motor fuels for sale. However, despite their expense and importance, fueling systems – because the majority of their components are located underground – can become an out of sight, out of mind concern for fuel retailers after they have been installed.

1. Double-Wall Spill Containers

2. Testable Overfill-Prevention Valves

3. Composite Manhole Covers

4. Emergency Shutoff Valves

5. Watertight Conduit-less Tank-Chamber System

6. Shallow Underground Dispenser Chamber (UDC) and Rigid Entry Fittings

7. Retractable Flexible-Piping Systems with Double-Wall Couplings