JUUL Labs Canada opens first retail store in country

JUUL Labs Canada opens first retail store in country

JUUL Labs Canada opens first retail store in country; Offers the JUUL C1, a connected device that provides features for adult smokers to track nicotine usage and prevent unauthorized use

Age-gated store supports JUUL Labs’ mission to help adult smokers on their switching journey by offering an alternative to combustible cigarettes

July 29, 2019 – Toronto, Ontario – Today JUUL Labs Canada opened its first retail store, located in Toronto, Ontario. The retail store will sell JUUL C1, the company’s connected device, which includes features that allow users to monitor their nicotine usage, provide access restrictions to prevent unauthorized use and find their JUUL device if it is lost.

The JUUL Labs retail store is a 19+ environment, and all visitors will be subject to age verification before entry. Given marketing and point-of-sale advertising restrictions for vaping products, it’s important to have an age-restricted place to connect directly with adult smokers.

This store will also service all JUUL devices, allowing adult smokers to learn more about what products they find useful to help them switch.

Our retail store will be a place where we can speak directly with adult smokers about our products, including our connected device, as they look to switch from combustible cigarettes to a less harmful alternative, said Michael Nederhoff, General Manager, JUUL Labs Canada.

JUUL Labs piloting JUUL C1 connected device in Canada

The JUUL C1 connected device can be paired via Bluetooth to a new mobile application. The app is being piloted in Canada to explore and refine its functionalities. The connected device is available on JUUL.ca to JUUL online account holders with Android smartphones and for sale at the new retail store.

The device, when paired with the app, will include a usage monitor that provides adult smokers with greater visibility into their usage, allowing them to monitor in real-time the number of puffs they take daily, weekly and monthly. The connected device will also provide access restrictions at the user level to prevent unauthorized use and provides adult smokers with the ability to find their JUUL device if it is lost.

“As a company, we are always looking to build on our product portfolio to reach a broader range
of smokers, while limiting appeal to youth,” said Nederhoff.

“We believe the connected device will provide current adult smokers with features they will find valuable. Based on feedback, we plan to refine and enhance the functionality of the app to further improve the user experience.”

The pilot program will continue to run over the coming weeks. JUUL Labs Canada will evaluate feedback and determine whether to expand the device and app further in the country.

Smoking in Canada

According to 2018 numbers from Statistics Canada, approximately 15.8 percent of the population smokes, totalling about five million people. Smoking causes almost 45,000 deaths in Canada annually, which is nearly one-in-five of all deaths in the country. An independent evidence review published by Public Health England (PHE) concluded that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking. Research shows that only two percent of quit attempts are successful and it takes approximately 30 attempts before a smoker is able to quit for good.

Health Canada states that “vaping is less harmful than smoking”, which describes the basis for JUUL Labs Canada’s harm reduction value. The company was founded with the simple mission to impact the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers – and five million in Canada – by providing a satisfying alternative to combustible cigarettes. JUUL is not intended for youth or non-smokers, and those who do not currently use nicotine products should not start.


About JUUL Labs Canada

JUUL Labs Canada is part of the JUUL Labs Inc. group of Companies that was founded to provide the world’s one billion adult smokers a satisfying alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. JUUL Labs’ products are designed to help smokers switch. For more information, please visit www.juul.ca Media inquiries: media@JUUL.ca


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