Klassic Car Wash: A True Hybrid Express

Klassic Car Wash: A True Hybrid Express

 By Tania Moffat

Looking for an innovative wash experience? Then look no further than Klassic Car Wash’s newest site, located at 416 Dunlop Street West in Barrie, Ontario. The 160-foot hybrid express tunnel is capable of washing 160 cars per hour and offers customers a choice between a friction or a high-pressure touch-free wash. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and an easy to drive on belt conveyor, vehicles are processed within three minutes regardless of their choice of wash, meeting the needs of this heavy traffic location. Since opening, the site has attracted close to 400 members in just over a month.

“This wash showcases the most modern approach in North America with its equipment configuration and features. Nothing was spared on the build, from the spacious feeling provided by the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, premium wash experience and state-of-the-art technology,” says Brett Bunston, president of Deltic Wash Force.

Building Klassic

A hands-on operator, owner Tony Thind has a lot of front-line experience. He has grown his network of eight washes by rebranding and retrofitting existing washes, starting with his first site in 2004. The decision to build his first site originated with his customers. “I noticed more people wanting a touchless wash, but they weren’t efficient. I wanted to give my customers a choice between touchless and friction in one tunnel and have them be able to wash their vehicle in three minutes regardless of which wash they chose,” explains Thind.

He began discussing his ideas with Deltic Wash Force in 2016. Deltic, founded by Vince MacNeil (founder of MacNeil Wash Systems) and Brett Bunston (former R&D and service manager at MacNeil Wash Systems), provides end-to-end support for new investors and established carwash operators, specializing in high-capacity tunnels and express exterior washes. Thind has had a long-standing relationship with MacNeil and Bunston. Due to his proximity to the MacNeil factory, he has tested equipment for them and has been impressed with the quality of service he’s received from Deltic.

Creating the Vision

The wash evolved over three or four years, with a final design settled on a year and a half ago. It was a long process with challenges working through Covid and the resulting supply chain delays, but both Deltic and Thind credit the general contractor, Zecon Construction, for their dedication.

“Initially, the wash had a traditional over-under conveyor, but as we planned, it became apparent that a belt wash would be more advantageous for this site. We installed a 160-foot belt conveyor by MCE Inc., which has the latest plastic flat-top belt technology. Belt conveyors are easier to load, enhancing guest experience and increasing production capacity. Vehicles don’t need to line up with guard rails; they just pull onto the conveyor, which is in perpetual motion. This allows vehicles to load quickly and consistently and improves production throughput as a result,” explains Bunston.

Tony looked to Petit for his high-pressure system. “The Accutrac 360-t High-Pressure System tracks around the entire vehicle rinsing the front and back license plate and other hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle and the sides. Larger nozzles with a more focused spray pattern combined with our patented oscillating spray arms allow us to hit every part of the car twice with 200 to 400 per cent more impact. This increases the consistency of the rinse and reduces or eliminates the need for added labour in the prepping/staging area of the tunnel,” says James Marshall, operations manager at Petit Auto Wash Equipment.

“Accutrac uses the same technology as a touchless rollover, but a conveyorized version. This is a key difference in Tony’s wash, it is primarily a brush wash, but it is also a legitimate hybrid touchless wash. It is our understanding that it is the first one in Canada, and it is working very well,” adds Bunston.

Another unique feature is the customized 360-degree high-pressure equipment from Truck Wash Technologies. This equipment uses specialized technology for washing transport trucks and trailers but lends itself well to a retail tunnel environment. Its ability to track a vehicle ensures they receive the proper wash pressure according to vehicle size.

MacNeil products, provided by National Carwash Solutions, were chosen for all the friction (soft touch) carwash equipment, arches and chemical applicators, dryer and vacuum systems. “All the brushes are electric and controlled by VFD technology which is far superior to hydraulically controlled equipment. Our RS-701 SuperFlex Wraps have unmatched front and rear cross-over coverage and controlled cleaning pressures even at high line speeds. MacNeil’s RS-1000 Top Brush is more effective at cleaning hoods, windshields and roofs, roof racks and rear spoilers while being quieter and gentler than a traditional cloth mitter. The brushes use our Envirosoft foam,” explains Jeffrey Taylor, director of sales at National Carwash Systems. NCS also equipped the tunnel with Tech 21 Dryers with PowerLocks to provide a top-of-the-line drying system and supplied Vacutech systems for the 16 free-use cleaning stations set up outside the wash.

The gated entry, point of sale and monthly program with RFID technology were provided by Innovative Control Systems. “ICS’s Auto Sentry Petro, an industry-leading unattended cashless payment terminal which enables customers to enjoy an intuitive and pleasant purchasing experience, was paired with our Entrance Management Sign and 46 inch-tall Digital Menu Sign. The ICS License Plate Recognition (LPR) system enables rapid club membership and processing as well as an easy way to secure recurring revenue – all with an industry-best 97 per cent plus accuracy,” says Scott Friedman, director of marketing, OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions.

Deltic Wash Force successfully brought Tony Thind’s vision to life, creating a well-thought out, and balanced wash both from an operator and customer standpoint. This high performing wash proves touchless cleaning does not have to compromise to brush washes.

Tania Moffat is a writer, editor and photographer. You can view her work or contact her at www.chiccountrylife.com.

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