Leader in Hot-Holding to Revolutionize C-Store Hot Food 

Leader in Hot-Holding to Revolutionize C-Store Hot Food 

The food-to-go specialist is on a mission to change c-store hot food forever and help the convenience market sell more and waste less. 

Flexeserve, industry-leading manufacturer and hot-holding partner to many major brands, recently joined NACS, the National Association of Convenience Stores. 

Flexeserve will launch its new U.S. HQ in Texas in February 2023, which will serve the whole of North, Central and South America. Prior to this grand opening, Flexeserve is already working with Circle K, QuikTrip and Amazon Go – to name just a few. 


Flexeserve Hub and [central] Flexeserve Zone units in action 

Sell more. Waste less. And that’s just for starters. 

Flexeserve, ‘The Home of Hot-holding,’ is known for the unrivalled results it achieves in helping hot food operations improve quality and variety, extend shelf life, reduce food waste, save on labor and even lower their energy bills. 


Flexeserve CEO, Jamie Joyce, said: “Becoming a member of NACS and exhibiting at the show this October are important steps within our strategy for North America.  “Our heated displays and unique expertise have already transformed major brands and mom- and-pops alike. We want to show the c-store market what’s possible with Flexeserve.”

The company combines its world-best hot-holding units with a comprehensive service, Flexeserve Solution. This is delivered by a unique team of hot-holding experts specializing in culinary, technical, packaging and in-store operations. 

Warwick Wakefield, customer experience director, said: “Our true hot-holding can revolutionize hot food in major foodservice and retail markets within North America, such as convenience, hospitality, supermarkets and takeout. For c-stores, we can change their game entirely – delivering a wider range of high quality food-to-go from a single heated display. With Flexeserve, anything is possible. Our hot-holding units open up new opportunities within your operations. We also enable you to properly utilize other investments you’ve made in kitchen equipment for maximized efficiency and capacity. By providing you with unrivalled hold times, you can cook in much larger batches – fill your ovens, then our unit and sell great hot food all day.” 

Flexeserve manufactures the world-leading, patented hot-holding units. This year, the company won the UK’s most prestigious award for business, the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2022, for its revolutionary flagship product, Flexeserve Zone. 

The extensive range that Flexeserve has developed is the product of decades of research and collaboration with customers. This means they are truly tailored to the needs of the industry. 

The range includes: 

  • Flexeserve Zone – flexible multi-temp true hot-holding heated displays
  • Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed – counter service true hot-holding units
  • Flexeserve Hub – kitchen and delivery high capacity true hot-holding units
    All these hot-holding units utilise Flexeserve’s industry-leading, patented hot air recirculation technology to ensure products maintain their precise core temperatures whilst staying at the highest quality.

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