New Immune Max Mints from Enzymedica

New Immune Max Mints from Enzymedica Use Innovative Technology to Deliver Unique Immune Supporting Probiotic Strain in a Quick Melt Mint

The potent mint flavor freshens breath while releasing the immune-benefiting properties of HK L-137, a probiotic originally discovered by Japanese immunologists researching health benefits of sushi and fermentation.* Also known as Immuno-LP20, HK L-137 has demonstrated in human clinical studies to benefit the immune system, respiratory health and overall quality of life.*

Venice, FL – Enzymedica, a Florida-based company that produces high quality natural digestive products, announces the launch of its innovative Immune Max Immuno-Biotic Defense Mints. The mints dissolve in the mouth to deliver 12 billion cells of HK Lactobacillus plantarum L-137, also known as of Immuno-LP20, a unique probiotic strain that is clinically studied to support immune and respiratory health.* Stress and fatigue can easily lower immunity, and this formula helps boost the immune and digestive systems by increasing natural killer T-cell activity, which are on the front lines to help protect against seasonal threats.*

The probiotic strain L-137 was originally discovered by Japanese immunologists, working at the prestigious Medical Institute of Bioregulation at Kyushu University, who were testing new substances to improve key markers for immune health. By fermenting fish with lactic acid bacteria to create Narezushi, a precursor to modern sushi, the scientists were able to isolate a novel lactic acid bacterium. It became known as probiotic L-137 and it demonstrated beneficial immune boosting properties, made even more robust through a heat-treatment process that converts the strain to HK L-137. *

The heat-treatment process that converts L-137 to HK L-137 locks the structure of the bacterial cells to their shape at the highest point of activity. This allows the beneficial bacterial cells to work in a human’s gastric acid, while also promoting the ability for the probiotic bacterial cells to interact with immune cells in the intestine.* The beneficial properties of HK L-137 are most associated with Lipoteichoic acids, components of the cell wall of the probiotic bacterium. These acids provide nutrition for the body’s immune system by boosting the production of interleukin-12, a substance secreted by immune cells that strengthens the body’s overall immune defense system. *

Following its initial discovery, human clinical studies have demonstrated that HK L-137 benefits the immune system, respiratory health, and overall quality of life.* Each package of Enzymedica’s Immune Max Mints contains 30 fast-acting quick melt mints – MSRP is $19.99. Wholesale order inquiries can call Enzymedica at 1-888-918-1118.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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