On The Road to Great Coffee:


For Immediate Release: July 13th, 2022 

On The Road to Great Coffee: Franke Coffee Systems will be bringing its machines to a town near  you soon, with its new roadshow van 

Franke Coffee Systems will take its coffee machines on the road to customers and industry partners across  North America using the company’s new state-of-the-art roadshow van. Showcasing its top performing  machines onsite with customers is the perfect way to create a memorable coffee experience and all at the  convenience of the customer. 

SMYRNA, TN – July 13, 2022, Franke Coffee Systems North America is launching its new roadshow  van. The Franke Mercedes-Benz Sprinter roadshow van brings specialty coffee equipment designed for  crew-service or customer facing applications directly to operators, distributors, and industry partners. The  launch of the new roadshow van is an innovative solution allowing Franke’s customers the opportunity to  access and experience its coffee machines in a unique way. The van was designed to overcome the  COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that prohibited the industry from meeting with customers in person and  from attending trade shows; this new van will allow its customers to see, feel and taste the Franke  experience in a personal one-on-one setting. 

The launch of the new roadshow van gives Franke Coffee Systems the mobility to take its coffee machines  directly to its customers and industry partners to create great coffee moments onsite. Customers will experience Franke’s innovation and passion for coffee on an entirely new level through a unique immersive  roadshow tour that succeeds in piquing all the senses. The organization is using its roadshow van to enable partners to explore the company’s deep coffee expertise and see why Franke’s brand vision “It’s all about  the moment” truly connects with its customers and the business of coffee. 

The roadshow van delivers on the brand promise that Franke doesn’t just create great coffee machines,  they create great customer experiences; the van’s design reflects this purpose and focus. The superior  equipment selection, walk up counter with easy access to its coffee machines, eye-appealing Franke  branded wrap, strategically designed awning to block sun & rain, countertops, and overhead showroom  style lighting combine to create a fun and engaging experience. The van is equipped with two quiet  generators, freshwater and wastewater tanks, three compartment sink, and a high-tech refrigerator to  ensure there are plenty of beverage options to explore each machine and its capabilities. Especially exciting  for customers looking for a wide variety of barista-quality coffee and espresso beverages to appeal to  today’s consumers, creating the perfect beverage at their fingertips. 

“As we continue to find ways to connect with customers differently through innovation, we keep our focus  on helping customers meet their needs at the center of everything we do, at Franke our goal is help them  solve challenges, no matter the scale of their business or ambitions,” said Doug Smith, Vice President of  Sales at Franke Coffee Systems Americas. “We are excited about our new roadshow van and look forward  to visiting our customers to make their coffee program an experience that lasts for their customers.” 

The sleek state-of-the-art roadshow van features three Franke coffee machines, the S700, A800 Fresh  Brew, and the A1000 FLEX giving customers up close access to two popular machines from Franke’s A Line portfolio of fully automatic coffee machines to its semi-automatic S700. Partners and customers can experience each of these high-performance features for themselves, at just the touch of a button. It’s all  about the moment. We can help you make it wonderful.

About Franke Coffee Systems – Americas 

Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a world-leading solution provider of fully  automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making. Our passion for the best coffee quality  motivates us to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the-art innovations. Visit us at us.coffee.franke.com 

Media contact 

Franke Coffee Systems North America 

Angela Beckham  

Creative Services Manager 

Phone: 629 333 5785 

Email: angela.beckham@franke.com

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