Quality, Variety impact hot beverage sales

by: Angela Altass

When it comes to hot beverages, consumers are looking for quality, good taste and variety. “Customers want quality and variety,” says Marc Rex, director, Fresh and Foodservice, Canada, Core-Mark. “It’s important to have the roast levels and the blend descriptions of coffee available.”

Today’s consumers are willing to spend more for a good coffee, says Amy Brown, marketing manager, Franke Coffee Systems.

Next to coffee, cappuccino is the biggest selling hot beverage at Calgary Co-op. When it comes to satisfying the hot beverage consumer, Stelnicki says that quality and value are important.

“With a bean to cup, single serve type of equipment to complement the offering outside morning rush hours, you get the perfect combination to offer fresh-brewed quality coffee all day and night,” says Grimm. “Choosing the right service provider to partner with the client is key to ensure the equipment and technology is always up to date.”