The Best of Brushes, the Worst of Brushes

by: Del Williams

From car wash brush quality, usage, and configuration, relatively fine distinctions can make a big difference in performance and the bottom line.

Best Brush Qualities

Stiffness vs. Softness


Pecora recommends hog’s hair brushes for prep work or final touch-up at tunnel washes on headlights, license plates and door handles.  This type of brush is also the softest, most effective option when used for foaming brushes in self-serve car wash operations.


Customize Automated Brushes to Avoid Common Problems


“Today, cars are tapered in length and width, so you want your cloth or foam brushes on wraparound, side, or rocker panel equipment to taper the same way the cars do,” says Pecora.


Best Brush Practices


“To keep the sand and grit on the floor, use a low-pressure hose to ensure it goes down the drain where it belongs and doesn’t end up on your brushes,” says Pecora.


No Substitute for Regular Inspections