The Plain Packaged Truth on Tobacco.

The Plain Packaged Truth on Tobacco.

The Plain Packaged Truth on Tobacco.

by: Luc Martial

Luc Martial is a 27-year veteran of the tobacco control file in Canada, having held key postings in the tobacco control and national health communities, the federal government (Tobacco Control Program at Health Canada) and the industry. 

Canada has long promoted itself as the world leader in tobacco control. The narrative which came to support this claim strategically emerged through decades of publicly-funded anti-tobacco group lobbying campaigns that were purposely designed to hold their funder (Health Canada) hostage. Over time, Health Canada came to assume sole responsibility for this moniker to the point of now continually abusing it.

Having sat at every side of the table on this public file (tobacco) over the last almost three decades now – I experienced first-hand the health community’s Machiavellian approach to tobacco control, the government’s blatant disregard for the facts or fair play and the industry’s unsuccessful attempts at rightful consideration. The many examples of questionable conduct, from within both the (publicly-funded) anti-tobacco groups and Health Canada itself – are too discouraging to mention. Suffice to say the current narrative on tobacco is an intentionally skewed one with exaggerated facts bordering on fear mongering.


The Push for Plain Packaging

The Evidence

The Trick – How a Lie Becomes a Law

But Wait There is More

If You Are Tired of Being Bullied, Dismissed and Discarded

IF YOU ARE FED UP WITH BEING DISMISSED AND DISCARDED BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT – let us know if you would wish to participate in a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission on this matter of discrimination. Let’s hold Health Canada accountable to treating all Canadians equally and to repealing their publicly stated discrimination policy against Canadians associated with the legal tobacco industry.



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