Women in Carwash 2020 Contest Submissions

Women in Carwash 2020 Contest Submissions

Women in Carwash
2020 Contest Submissions

We recently hosted the Transchem Group-sponsored Women in Carwash contest. Women from across North America submitted a short story about themselves for a chance to win two tickets to the January 18–20 virtual event and two tickets to the next in-person (we hope) event to be held June 21–23 in Niagara Falls.





Congratulations to the winner Kelly Moroz.

The next contest is now open, and we would like to encourage you to enter.  Who knows, you could be on your way to Niagara Falls.

We would like to thank our judges:
Amy Cantin, Nancy Campbell, Cindy Tal and Liz West.

To read all of the contest finalists submissions visit www.womenincarwash.com

Winning Entry 


“My name is Kelly Moroz and I have worked in the carwash industry for the last 12 years. I graduated from high school and took a year off to work. I then decided it was time to go to school so I took a one-year course at the local college. During that time, I got a part time job working at the co-op grocery store.

A month before I graduated, I was asked by the human resource manager at the co-op if I would be interested in applying for a job at the co-op gas station/carwash to be the managers assistant. I did not plan on staying with the co-op at the time but thought it would do while I apply for other jobs. I started a week after I graduated from college at the co-op gas station/carwash and worked with the manager for the next five years. He taught me so much during that time and over those five years I was told that one day I could be a manager.

In 2013, I went on mat leave and a month after my son was born, I found out my manager applied for a position at the grocery store. I knew right then that I had to apply for the position. I applied, got an interview and within a month was offered the job. Now I had to decide to take the job when my son was three months old or decide to stay home and miss out on that chance of ever becoming the manager in a place that I worked so hard at. I made the hard decision and took the position of manager of the co-op gas station/carwash.

Working full time while having a three-month-old was sure a challenge. Now in 2020 my son is seven years old and I continue to work at the store. I run the c-store, eight pumps, a six-bay wandwash, outside wash and a touchless wash. There have been many challenges throughout the years, but I have made it through them.

Keeping staff to work on the carwashes is also a challenge, just when you get someone trained, they move onto something else. Keeping the carwashes running and clean have sure been a struggle but I knew going into the job that it would be.

Being a woman in the carwash industry has its challenges but I cannot imagine my life any other way. I learn new things all the time and try to learn as much as I can when it comes to the carwash so I can help in the back and not always rely on someone else. I believe the more I can learn the better, and I want to continue learning as much as possible. I am proud of the place I work at and hope we can be the customers’ location choice because we keep the carwashes working and clean and they like the service they receive.”

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