Women in Carwash IV – It’s a wrap!

Women in Carwash IV – It’s a wrap!

The fourth women in carwash conference just wrapped up and planning is already underway for conference number five in January 2022. Like the January 2021 event, this one was going to be live but had to be virtual due to continuing uncertainties and travel restrictions. However, if it weren’t for the need to pivot to a virtual conference, the conference hosts never would have discovered that they have two very different audiences says brenda johnstone, co-organizer, “we had people join from across the continent with many representing small organizations that, particularly in these times, would have struggled to send people to attend.” according to andrew klukas – the other half of the team “the virtual conference is here to stay to accommodate those that can’t attend the in-person events.” 

As for this week’s conference, it focused on personal strength, building community and more. Johnstone and Klukas envisioned treating the entire event “like a single corporation that is striving to help people uncover their driving passion and put their talents together as a big team.” 

The roster of presenters was stellar. Jessica Potts kicked off the conference with an uplifting Monday evening keynote on Uncovering your Strengths and Discovering your Passion. This talk set participants on a clear path to overcoming those nagging doubts and inhibitions that add nothing useful and just get in the way of a fully satisfying career and life. Potts brought a sparkling energy that perfectly complemented the subject matter and left participants uplifted and ready to dive into day two.

Tuesday morning picked up from the keynote by focusing on what participants haven’t yet done but would do if they were brave enough to try it. Bravery Becomes You set out a new perspective on fear, doubt and worry and focused on how to navigate your obstacles to success, honor your strengths, and enjoy the adventure of discovering powerful, passionate, on-purpose you. This followed with a highly motivational talk on building amazing teams by leading with compassion and grace.
Additional sessions focused on communications skills and empowering yourself to make sure your own needs are met while you give of yourself to others.

Many of the sessions incorporated virtual breakouts into small groups that enabled people to exchange experiences in the context of what was learned in the sessions and promoted a cross-pollination of ideas. 

As North America continues to open up planning is underway for the fifth Women in Carwash conference to be held January 17 – 19, 2022 at the beautiful Ocean B Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. www.womenincarwash.com or email bjj@womenincarwash.com or andrew@womenincarwash.com  

What These Attendees Had to Say About the Conference.

I enjoy being a part of Women in Carwash for multiple reasons. As women in the carwash industry, we are a minority in a male dominated industry- but we are on the rise! It’s important to have such a wonderful network of leaders and carwash professionals such as the Women in Carwash to support each other. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s virtual Women in Carwash conference – it had many wonderful guest speakers, authors, and gave every participant a chance to share their stories, learn and grow from each other. Thank you, Brenda Johnstone for putting together such a fabulous group of industry professionals – I look forward to supporting WIC and watching their presence grow.

Melissa Pirkey vice president, carwash division Assured Partners Insurance

“Sandy’s travel journey was remarkable. How many people’s sons would ask their mom to camp for so many weeks? Being asked to consider how we might be brave in different aspects of our lives was a significant question, and challenged me to consider where in my work life I’m not stepping out.”
–  Conference participant

With how great the virtual one went I can only imagine how amazing the in-person will be!

This was the first conference with this group that I had attended. I’ve always wanted to but never got the chance. I was not disappointed! I told everyone about how great it was and that I can not wait to actually meet all of these empowering women in person. I walked away from this conference with a fresh outlook on things, more confidence, and even more goals to accomplish!

Thank you everyone that made this possible!  See you in January!
– SR

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