Business is Booming with Fireworks

Business is Booming with Fireworks

By Matt Bialek

As a business owner, things are tough all over: after successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re being forced to reassess, adjust, and transition once again. Moving into this new state of transition, the stability we’ve grown to appreciate seems to be rapidly evaporating.

But what if you could capitalize on this transition?

“In 2023, your customers will be looking for new, exciting, and affordable family-friendly entertainment options,” according to Matt Bialek, president of BLAST-OFF Fireworks, “and fireworks fit these criteria perfectly.” When compared to other forms of recreation, fireworks are extremely affordable – they don’t involve extensive travel, there’s no price of admission, and the entire family can be involved and engaged.

The best part about selling fireworks, according to Bialek, is that fireworks are single-use entertainment. “Your customers will love what they see up in the sky, in turn creating new traditions that will drive successive sales. Not only is a backyard fireworks display less expensive than heading to the movies with the family, it creates those feel good memories that we tend to treasure later in life… and your customers will come back asking for more.”

If anybody knows about family habits and traditions, it would be the team at BLAST-OFF Fireworks. Based in Selkirk, Manitoba, the organization is celebrating its 24th year in business. “While much has changed over the past couple of decades, we’re still very reliant on old-fashioned service, on relationship development, and on the importance of family within our operation, says Bialek. “Our customers are our friends and our team is our family, quite literally.” The company has grown to be one of Canada’s largest fireworks importers and distributors, and numerous family members are involved – from Bialek’s wife, Brandi, to parents and siblings from both sides of the family.

It’s clear that Bialek’s recipe for success has been working. The company offers 100 per cent guaranteed sale terms on all purchases, unique and authentic family-friendly packaging, high dealer margins, and an unmatched new product pipeline. A major focus over the past year has been the introduction of several new fireworks kits – also known in the industry as Family Packs.

“Family Packs are where it’s at in the Canadian fireworks market,” explains Bialek. “Retail customers are looking for a fast, convenient, and easy-to-plan fireworks show, and these assortment boxes make for a quick and easy sale. Approximately 70 per cent of our dollar sell-through is derived from this single product category – so it warrants extra attention at the retail level.” As an added bonus, family packs are easy to display and vend within a c-store and no special lock-ups or showcases are required for merchandising.

With new arrivals like Six Pack, Out of this World, and Big Box of Boom BLAST-OFF Fireworks offers Family Packs at every retail price range – from as little as $14, all the way up to over $800. In 2023, the company has also expanded its offering of Family Packs that celebrate the unique regions of Canada. “From Amazing Alberta to Saskatchewan Spirit, Magnificent Manitoba, and Prairie Pride, we are the only fireworks importer to celebrate the diversity of our country through unique product offerings,” notes Bialek. “As an added advantage, all of our Family Packs come complete with professionally designed ignition sequences, full ignition instructions, and free firing sticks inside each box. We’ve made it as easy as possible for retailers within the c-store channel to sell our products.”

The customization of BLAST-OFF’s product and service offering for convenience stores and gas bars isn’t a coincidence. “By far, the largest proportion of our customer-base operates in the c-store and gas station segments,” states Bialek. Several aspects of c-store operation lend themselves nicely to the sale of fireworks – from traffic patterns to clientele and hours of operation. “We’re seeing a significant trend in which retail guests expect to find fireworks in the c-store channel. This is why – if you own a convenience store – adding fireworks to your product offering needs to be a top priority.”

But adding fireworks to your c-store doesn’t have to be rocket science, according to Bialek. When looking to add fireworks to your retail outlet, Bialek recommends doing your homework, ensuring that you partner with a supplier that will not only meet your present needs and goals, but one that can help grow your category sales over time. “A good partner will offer a program-based approach – providing tools, education, and support in addition to the standard suite of fireworks products for resale. You also want to ensure that you partner with a legitimate fireworks importer or distributor that can offer uninterrupted supply, category management services, and regulatory assistance.”

That last quality – regulatory assistance – is becoming more and more important in today’s fireworks market, where regulations can change rapidly. “We’ve seen rapid changes in places like Vancouver, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area,” concedes Bialek. “It’s difficult for retailers to keep track of regulatory changes and amendments, and this is an area in which we offer full retailer support.” Put another way, it’s the job of BLAST-OFF Fireworks to work on behalf of their retail customers – providing information related to upcoming regulatory changes and advocating on their behalf.

“At BLAST-OFF Fireworks, our focus is on providing retailers with a start-to-finish program – offering unique products, high margins, and unmatched regulatory support. And all of this is backed by our 100 per cent guaranteed sale terms,” continues Bialek. “There are enough uncertainties in the world today, let’s make selling fireworks at your c-store or gas station a guaranteed success in 2023.”

BLAST-OFF Fireworks is Canada’s only service-oriented fireworks importer. Headquartered in Selkirk, Manitoba, the company operates Western Canada’s largest federally licensed fireworks campus, and services over 4,400 retail partners within the Canadian marketplace. For more information on BLAST-OFF Fireworks, visit or contact “mission control” by telephone at 1-866-827-4765.


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