How to make your doors winter ready

by: Josh Hart

Are you one of those carwash owners that opened your doors the minute the temperature got above freezing last winter and left them open all summer long?

Once you have verified that you have air and power, you will want to make sure that your controls are working properly. Many automatic car wash controls have door control packages to send the open and close signals. First, you want to make sure that the wash control package is active and is not holding the door open based on outside temperature. Next you will want to run a car through the wash to verify that the wash control is sending open and close signals at the appropriate times.

When you are in cold climate areas, doors are utilized to retain heat in a bay. Now is a good time to check your heat source as well. The door can only retain heat if it is created inside the bay. Check floor heat or radiant tube heaters to make sure they are operating properly and can effectively protect your equipment from freezing in the cold winter months.