Launch Your Profits This New Year’s Eve

Launch Your Profits This New Year’s Eve

As hard as it is to believe, yet another year is coming to a close. 

For most retailers, being forced to deal with COVID-19, staffing issues, inventory availability, and inflationary pressures, the past couple of years have likely flown by. It’s safe to say that everybody is looking forward to 2021 coming to an end and starting 2022 with a fresh, clean slate. According to Matt Bialek, president of BLAST-OFF Fireworks, this is precisely why fireworks should be on your radar this New Year’s Eve. “We’re expecting record fireworks sales this holiday season, as everybody is looking for that ‘escape’ with friends and family. Unfortunately, most social functions, personal travel, and community events will likely be off-the-table due to COVID-19. Backyard fireworks – with a small group of friends or family – are set to replace these traditional recreation options.”

This means that if you own a c-store or gas bar, fireworks should be on your list of must-haves as you head into the holiday season. Not only will fireworks be in heavy demand this New Year’s Eve, but they generate a huge ‘boom’ with your bottom line. “A typical retailer can expect to earn 100 per cent profit on every sale,” says Bialek. “In a shoulder season like December, margins like this go a long way towards covering those extra winter expenses or padding your Q4 bottom line… right before year-end.”

But what should you focus on for the holiday season? “Family packs are where it’s at for New Year’s Eve,” explains Bialek. “Retail customers are looking for a fast, convenient, and easy-to-plan fireworks show, and these assortment boxes make for a quick and easy sale.” An added benefit with any family packs offered by BLAST-OFF Fireworks: they come complete with professionally designed ignition sequences, full ignition instructions, and free firing sticks inside the box.

For more advanced or repeat fireworks purchasers, Finale Cakes are where all of the action is. Finale Cakes are multi-tube items designed with rapid-fire aerial shells. Consumers light a single-fuse, and each cake produces various effects – from colored balls to bursting flowers, whistles, and palm trees. “The best part about Finale Cakes in the winter,” laughs Bialek, “is that they are 100 per cent compatible with Canadian winters! A purchaser can plop the item into a snowbank, light the fuse, and the cake will take care of the rest.” Stock your shelves with seasonal favourites like Frostbite, Great White North, Champagne Burst, and Northern Lights.

When looking to add fireworks to your c-store this holiday season, Bialek recommends doing your homework, ensuring that you partner with a supplier that will meet your needs and one that can help grow your category. “First-and-foremost, it’s imperative to partner with a legitimate fireworks importer or distributor. While dealing with a local ‘jobber’ for fireworks may be tempting, these companies lack knowledge about the fireworks category and market trends. Most importantly, they likely do not have proper permitting or insurance – both of which are essential for your protection as a retailer.” Other essential attributes include service, product availability, marketing support, and program support. “At BLAST-OFF Fireworks, our focus is on providing retailers with a start-to-finish program – from integrated marketing support to complete category management… all backed by 100 per cent guaranteed sale terms. We’re so confident that fireworks will ‘launch your profits’ that, if we’re wrong, you can send any unsold merchandise back to us for a full refund of your acquisition cost.”

BLAST-OFF Fireworks is Canada’s only service-oriented fireworks importer. Headquartered in Selkirk, Manitoba, the company operates Western Canada’s largest federally licensed fireworks campus. For more information on BLAST-OFF Fireworks, visit or contact “mission control” by telephone at 1-866-827-4765!

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