Restaurants Canada Calls on Canadian Consumers and Businesses to Get Back to the Moments They’ve Missed with a #DineInDoOver

Restaurants Canada Calls on Canadian Consumers and Businesses to Get Back to the Moments They’ve Missed with a #DineInDoOver

Foodservice industry association rallies Canadians to dine-in at local restaurants and re-do the celebrations and milestones considered lost due to pandemic restrictions and closures

TORONTO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This April, Canada’s leading voice for the foodservice industry, Restaurants Canada, is asking businesses and consumers to participate in a #DineInDoOver. Serving as an industry revival effort, the campaign encourages consumers and businesses across Canada to come together at their favourite local restaurant, and redo the moments, milestones and special events they’ve missed over the last two years.

#DineInDoOver is a nationwide movement that not only addresses the need to redo, or even do for the first time, the moments missed due to pandemic, but also supports the foodservice industry on its road to revival. By dining in to celebrate missed birthdays, team building events, promotions, engagements, anniversaries, holidays and more, Canadians can get back to benefiting from in-person communication and connection, while supporting the revival of an industry that has been devastated.

“Restaurants have long been a staple for our communities, a place to gather, connect and create memories,” says Roy Little, CEO, Restaurants Canada. “Unfortunately, the pandemic’s restrictions and closures have left restaurants struggling to re-establish their business, even as those restrictions are being lifted. COVID-19 has been devastating for an industry that depends deeply on the traffic and business from social gatherings, special occasions and events.” 

While many in the industry have been able to pivot amidst rolling lockdowns, turning to alternative revenue streams, such as take-out, to survive during the pandemic, an estimated 13,000 Canadian foodservice establishments have already permanently closed their doors since March 2020. With the latest government support and relief measures due to expire, unfortunately thousands of businesses still remain at risk of closing. A survey conducted by Restaurants Canada in February 2022 shows eight out of 10 restaurants have taken on debt due to COVID-19 with two thirds of these businesses requiring at least a year and a half to recover.

Even with lifted restrictions across the country, Restaurants Canada will continue to advocate as the industry is still in need of both government and consumer support. The #DineInDoOver campaign aims to inform Canadians that their help is still needed to ensure the revival of the industry, and to keep vulnerable establishments that have been serving our communities for years from closing. The campaign also offers a glimmer of hope; those lost memories don’t need to be lost for good.

Many Canadians and businesses have had to postpone, or worse cancel, milestone events. By bringing Canadians together across the nation, this initiative will not only help revitalize and kick-start in-person socialization, but also support the revival of the foodservice industry.

In addition to consumers and support from businesses, Restaurants Canada is also calling for restaurant owners and operators to spread the word about the campaign by downloading a #DineInDoOver Toolkit, joining the conversation on social media, amplifying and creating additional awareness to keep restaurants at the heart of incredible connections and memories. 

“It’s time for our nation to get back to the moments we’ve missed in a safe way, and benefitting from those in-person memories we’ve all been waiting for,” adds Little. For more details, visit

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