ISTOBAL achieves a safer and more efficient sanitization of the interior of trailers

ISTOBAL achieves a safer and more efficient sanitization of the interior of trailers

ISTOBAL offers cutting-edge solutions for the sanitization of food transporters and compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

ISTOBAL achieves a safer and more efficient sanitization of the interior of trailers compared to manual washing and reduces the average cleaning time by 65% or better

  • ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH applies food safe chemicals followed by a high-pressure rinse for deep cleaning with a controlled and professional sanitization in 5 minutes or less.
  • ISTOBAL’s automated system reduces down-time and improves employee safety in the washing of refrigerated trailers and achieves greater control in the consumption of water and chemical products.

Bristol (June 2, 2020).- ISTOBAL, a leader in fleet wash and food safety, offers new cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for food haulers, intermodal transporters, refrigerated fleets and grocery chains. The internationally patented ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH is an innovative system designed specifically to simplify food safety compliance and increase the frequency and quality of trailer washouts.

The HW’INTRAWASH can be programmed to meet the most demanding food safety compliance requirements including US FDA/FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) guidelines. With the HW’INTRAWASH, food protection professionals can now standardize and calibrate trailer washouts and better manage threats to food safety.

Introduced a year ago, the HW’INTRAWASH offers food haulers an effective tool to meet the everyday challenge of providing sanitary transportation for food products. Phil Schuyler of Envirochem, a distributor of ISTOBAL equipment, recently installed a HW’INTRAWASH at a distribution center for one of the largest grocery chains in the United States. Phil commented on the system saying, “I believe that the HW’INTRAWASH is the best tool available today for washing and sanitizing trailers for grocery operations; the system cleans more thoroughly and efficiently than standard manual washouts”.


Charger Logistics and Grupo Mazo also stand out among numerous success stories. Charger Logistics is an industry leader in North America and recognized as an innovative leader in refrigerated food transportation. Grupo Mazo, on the other hand, is a leading refrigeration transport company in Spain.

Charger Logistics, an early adopter of the ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH, has this equipment at its facilities in Laredo, Texas and will soon install another unit in Brampton, Canada. The company reports that they have managed to reduce the time it takes to clean the trailers while also managing to sanitize them more consistently. With a fleet of over 800 trucks and 2,000 trailers, Charger Logistics washes up to 300 trailers a week utilizing the ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH.

Grupo Mazo, on the other hand, highlights ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH as a point in favor in complying with the IFS (International Featured Standard) certification that applies to the food supply chain. With ISTOBAL’s HW’INTRAWASH, Grupo Mazo has managed to triple the interior cleaning of its fleet of more than 1,000 trucks and reduce the consumption of chemical products due to the equipment’s highly accurate chemical dosing system.

The HW’INTRAWASH can be easily mounted to a dock or can be used with a mobile platform. It has a telescoping head that moves inside the trailer performing a high-pressure wash and sanitization while dragging dirt and debris to the exterior to be collected by an optional debris hopper. The highly accurate chemical dosing system also provides greater control in the consumption of water and chemical products translating into cost-savings.

When compared with manual trailer washouts, the HW’INTRAWASH offers companies a 65% or better reduction in wash time. The average time allocated for an employee based, manual cleaning of a trailer is 15- 20 minutes with the quality of sanitization largely dependent on the rigor with which the chemical is applied. The HW’INTRAWASH can wash and sanitize trailer interiors up to 53 feet long with a standard 5-minute program while also providing a safer and healthier working environment for employees and simplifying compliance with OSHA safety guidelines.

ISTOBAL, a multinational group with headquarters in Valencia, Spain, has 9 subsidiaries across the world. The group’s US subsidiary has operated out of their facility in Bristol, Virginia since 2011. From that location, ISTOBAL manufactures, assembles and ships equipment across all of North America. ISTOBAL’s aim is to offer customers value, quality and expertise every day by striking the perfect balance between profitability, flexibility and innovation.


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