Southern Recipe Small Batch Launches Two Innovations

At Natural Products Expo East

Leading Pork Rind Brand Brings Pork Rind-Based Croutons and Pop-At-Home Pork Rinds to Market

DALLAS, TX – Southern Recipe Small Batch, the leading authentic, handcrafted, small batch pork rind, is proud to announce two new additions to its nationally-celebrated collection of gourmet pork rinds. New Buttery Garlic and Italian Herb KRUTONES (pronounced Crew-Tone-Ez) will join the brand’s lineup, bringing true innovation as they sit alongside traditional croutons and other salad toppers on shelf. Additionally, pop-at-home pork rinds, from pork raised without antibiotics, make it easy and exciting for consumers to fry their own pork rinds fresh, right at home. With the launch of both products early 2023, Southern Recipe Small Batch will once again elevate the pork rind category overall.

To support the better-for-you shopper with high protein, low carb, keto-friendly and gluten-free options, the expansion of Southern Recipe Small Batch’s product line allows the brand to reach a broader audience of shoppers while bringing more education and awareness to the niche pork rind category. KRUTONES will become available in two savory varieties, elevating the ho-hum salad experience, including Buttery Garlic and Italian Herb. Shoppers can snack on them right out of the bag, toss them in a salad or use them as a crunchy topper for their favorite soups for a guilt-free and exciting take on the traditional.

The experience of popping pork rinds and bringing them straight from the kitchen to the table, still crackling and freshly seasoned, is one pork rind consumers have continued to request. It’s also a dining experience that has found success at various restaurants nationwide. In a recent study 86 per cent of shoppers agreed the at-home pork rind popping experience was one they were intrigued with. The ingredients are also cleaner, boasting a simple nutrition panel. Shoppers are encouraged to season their freshly popped, still crackling pork rinds with their own seasonings, straight from the fryer, the stovetop or the air fryer. Seasoning suggestions and recipes are available on the brand’s website at

“We’ve worked hard to educate today’s consumer about pork rinds and demystify the category, overall. With the opportunity to bring Southern Recipe Small Batch to shoppers in a different part of the grocery store, we’re confident we’ll be able to broaden our audience and adopt new, loyal pork rinds lovers,” shared Mark Singleton, vice president of sales & marketing for Southern Recipe Small Batch. “Casual snackers, dieters, foodies and everyone in between is sure to love KRUTONES and our pop-at-home pork rinds.”

From its big, bold flavors to the newly released pellets ready to fry at home, Southern Recipe Small Batch has defined itself, once again, as the pork rind for every consumer. For a snack historically purchased by men, Southern Recipe Small Batch’s pork rinds are carefully crafted to speak to every consumer with a craving for the bold. As a part of the Rudolph Foods company, Southern Recipe Small Batch brings to life family history and hard work by continuing to use their family’s secret cooking method. Nearly 70 years of experience ensures that consumers can trust the quality in every bag.

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