Is Growing With The Times


Gale’s Gas Bars Limited has been serving Niagara, Ontario residents since 1967 and currently has 15 locations throughout the area. During that time, it has remained a family-run company. Jessica (Gale) Friesen became the third-generation owner/operator of the business in 2014.

Since becoming CEO, Friesen has expanded the business. Offering convenience stores at some locations and completing site upgrades to maint ain the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Gale’s has worked closely with Dover Fueling Solutions (Wayne dispensers) for over a decade. As such, they are proud to be a test site for a new tap at the pump payment solution they are launching with Bulloch Technologies. Dover Fueling Solutions is a global fuel dispenser manufacturer and is at the front of technological advances. Bulloch Industries, a market leader in petroleum point-of-sale (POS) technology, has also developed a strong working relationship with Gale’s over the years. The new tap and go point-of-sale system developed by Bulloch Industries is a sign of the future of pump  payment technology.

“The system was put in this past July (2019), at our Martindale Road location in St. Catharine’s. Customers can just pull up, tap their card and then begin pumping their fuel,” says Friesen. The system protects customers from having their pins stolen and protects the machines as well. “There is less possible damage to the pumps with this system. Customers were jamming credit cards into the card readers and putting stress on the machine, now there will be none of that,” adds Friesen.

To date, the system is well-liked by customers. “The industry is moving towards making the transaction even more convenient for customers,” Friesen explains that this is indeed the way of the future. The St. Catharine’s location is currently the only site Gale’s has with this technology. However, as new sites are renovated, Friesen says she will look at implementing the technology on a case-by-case basis.