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How Lighting and Technology Can Help Stop Covid Spread

How Lighting and Technology Can Help Stop Covid Spread

How Lighting and Technology Can Help Stop Covid Spread

By Dave Bowen

We live in very different times and circumstances these days and unfortunately it appears this will go on for some time. It is one thing for governments and cities etc to flatten the curve and get back control but it is another thing to prevent it from coming back or re-starting.

There is no certain guarantee at the moment of how to eliminate the virus short of a vaccine but there are other technologies that can certainly help protect you, your family, your customers and your suppliers delivering your in-store stock.

We all know masks are number one on the list as well as sanitizer and hand washing but what good is all this if someone is already infected but not showing real symptoms?

This is where technology can help.

Everyone knows about temperature reading guns but it is difficult for small business to have someone at the door all day and night applying the gun or doing it at the counter doesn’t work as they have already entered the store. Our Thermal Camera Facial Recognition device is slightly larger than an iPhone and is a standalone unit that can be placed right at the front door. When a client enters, they simply step in front of the TCFR unit which will take their temperature and facial recognition if needed.

This is wireless Bluetooth technology so the info automatically goes to the cashier or manager. They get a temperature readout and if ok the person is allowed in. However, if they have a temperature an alarm will sound and that person is stopped from entering. Facial recognition can be used for employees, suppliers delivering and frequent visitors so they can safely be tracked over time.

Portrait of young woman with face mask working indoors in cafe, disinfecting counter.

The TCFR can be programed to meet any of your needs depending on the application and location and it gives your customers the confidence that you are doing as much as you can to protect them and they will appreciate your efforts.

Our UV lighting fixture is designed for quick sanitation of any space big or small and offers 360 degrees of disinfection and sterilizing. The UVC has been used by hospitals and has now been designed for retail and commercial applications. It is very portable can be moved from area to area, your retail space then back into your product storage area, etc. The 55-watt UVC effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses and mites and can cover an area of up to 196 square feet with a 14-foot radius and offers settings of 15/30/45 and 60 minutes. You simply set up the UVC in the centre of the area and switch it on, it has a 10 second delay warning sound to allow you to vacate the room. Once the unit has completed the time period you assign you wait for 30 minutes for the disinfection odour to dissipate and you are back in business just that quick with a completely sanitized space safe and ready for business.


The 3rd main item we focus on against COVID is sneeze shields. A lot of people just go to the local hardware store and buy a piece of plastic, get out the duct tape and hang it or fasten it to the counter. However, to properly protect yourself a Covid manufactured shield is available that offers the ultimate in protection for you and your client. It is not just having any old plastic between you and the client but proper thickness is important, the bottom opening for payment or passing goods through is key as well to stop transmission. One other feature overlooked is the fact that certain versions of the shield come with sides, again very important as droplets go around corners! Once airborne, they can easily come around the side of the shield so many customers are going with the side shield.


One other important lighting-based technology is digital see thru signage for safety and protection. This is an illuminated sign with graphics that hangs in your store front window, from the outside it appears as a normal sign, but looking from the inside out you can see clearly right through the sign to the pumps and see what everyone is up to. This may not seem like a Covid related product but it is as you can maintain your ad value but also see if anyone coming in has a mask on. Do they appear healthy and safe? As well, studies are now suggesting unfortunately thefts will be on the rise due to high unemployment and increased crime so you need every advantage you can get.

All of the above products are long term technology as there is a feeling that there is going to be a lot of new “norms” and have these products in place will be for years not months. Canada is slowly recovering but we’re not there yet and hopes are high we don’t have second wave. However, until a vaccine is created no one knows what the future holds so the old adage better safe than sorry is more important now than ever.


As lighting specialists, we are always looking for other technologies to compliment what we do with canopy, site and interior lighting and the technologies above are just a few to help towards one stop shopping. Naturally masks, face shields, sanitizer and dividers are all part of what we incorporate with everything else we do the challenge now is supply and demand from a changing world, please stay safe everyone.

Dave Bowen is president of Roctan 2000 Ltd with over 40 years in the lighting market and extensive experience in LED lighting technology and associated products in the retail petro/c-store and commercial markets. Contact Dave at or call 548-888-1113

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