The Business of Cannabis From a Retail Perspective

The Business of Cannabis From a Retail Perspective

Corey Tyacke

David Stobbe

“Our goal is to address any concerns that the community may have before we open.”

Corey Tyacke, retail general manager, 5Buds Cannabis


Almost 100 years after alcohol prohibition was lifted in the first Canadian province, Canadians were preparing for the country-wide legalization of marijuana. Interestingly enough, we entered this time of legalization in much the same way as we did during the expulsion of prohibition; with each province ushering in their own new laws and regulations.

The importance of going slow

How Does One Get into the Cannabis Industry? Tyacke shares his story: “When the issue of legalization was brought up at the federal election two years ago, I was intrigued. I started to read about cannabis and eventually signed up for an online course. I’m originally from the food and beverage industry, and I felt a similar draw when I started learning about wines. Wine is a beverage with so many personalities and I started to relate it to cannabis. Cannabis is a lot like wine in terms of diversity. When you look at the plant itself, there are so many characteristics – smell, varietal, strains, flavour values, etc. For example, that first scent of wine, it doesn’t smell too exciting, but as you swirl it around you can start to pull out other scents like blackberry. Cannabis is a lot like that, and as a food and beverage geek I really enjoyed learning about it.”

5Buds Cannabis will carry a wide selection of high-quality, legal retail goods. Inventory will be sourced from approved producers and include items such as buds, oils, capsules and an elevated accessory line-up.

Protecting Communities

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