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McClean Solutions Offers Unique Formulations

McClean Solutions Offers Unique Formulations

By Angela Altass

McClean Solutions, a carwash solutions manufacturer, launched in Bensalem Pennsylvania in February 2022 and is now setting its sights on the Canadian market.

“We are building out our distributor network in Canada,” says Brent McCurdy, president of McClean Solutions who operates the business with his son Blake who is the company’s operations manager. “We very much want dedicated experts and consultants who can improve the results of carwashes using our unique and advanced formulations. Canadian carwash owners might worry that a product made in the U.S.A. will be more expensive compared to locally sourced products. Despite the higher cost of US products right now, our technology allows us to be very competitive because we have concentrations that are so high. Some of our products literally require only a few grams per car to clean and shine beyond industry norms. Further, our technology on things like durable ceramic formulations and drying technology are worth the investment in customer satisfaction.”

McCurdy began his career in the carwash industry in 1998.

“I supplied raw materials to most of the carwash chemical companies,” explains McCurdy. “One of my customers was growing faster due to a specialized and patented technology. I was so intrigued that I put together a deal, left the supply side and started my ownership as a carwash chemical provider. I owned and worked at that company until 2020 when I went into business with my son building a small chain of six carwashes in the Philadelphia Northeast. In short, I grew to miss the chemical business and I started McClean Solutions.”

A major feature of the McClean line is a two-part alkaline system, says McCurdy.

“We use an alkaline base combined with a surfactant and solvent base to create alkaline detergents on site,” says McCurdy. “The concentrated two-part system allows for smaller packaging, lower freight, unlimited adjustability, and better cleaning. All our products are of the highest quality and concentration. You pay more per pail but less per use.”

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The Flux Capacitor is a new metering tip technology invention by McClean Solutions. The technology is built into a typical hose barb and tube, often referred to as a pail stinger, which transfers chemical from the source container to the point of injection. The Flux Capacitor is less likely to clog or block compared to other methods, says McCurdy.

“What we have invented and patented is basically like a catheter,” says McCurdy. “We use resistance through that catheter to determine usage. It allows for usages below those possible with normal tips and the cost is low because we designed a way to put that catheter inside of the existing hose that is already being used from the container to the point of injection.”

McCurdy talks with pride about working with his son Blake but adds: “We have to be careful at family functions to avoid too much carwash talk because it’s in our blood.” After working together to build a chain of carwashes, the McCurdy family understands the carwash industry.

“As an operator myself, I know that you don’t grow your sales by skimping on quality,” states McCurdy. “McClean Solutions is a great combination of technology and value that will benefit all Canadian operators.” 

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